Maxis Family Ancestors

The Beaker Family

Surnames associated with the Beakers: Beaker, Halfdanarson, McGork, Salamis.

Loki and Circe (née Salamis) Beaker both come from a rich ancestry that appears to be a mixture of Greek, Scottish, German and...Simish. Resident Nervous Subject is the son of Olive Specter and his (and her) family history can be found below.

Significant Beakers

Loki Beaker

Loki Beaker is the son of Bjorn and Gundrun (née Halfdanarson) Beaker. Bjorn and and Gundrun also had a daughter, Erin Singles (see Singles Ancestry).

Bjorn Beaker (Loki's father), is the son of Canute and Gertrude Beaker.

Gundrun Beaker (Loki's mother), is the daughter of Leif and Ingibjorg Halfdanarson.

Circe Beaker

Circe Beaker is the daughter of Xanthos and Grainne (née McGork) Salamis.

Xanthos Salamis (Circe's father), is the son of Andros and Eurydice Salamis.

Grainne Salamis (Circe's mother), is the daughter of Gwrtheym and Moira McGork.

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