Maxis Family Ancestors

The Burb Family

Surnames associated with the Burbs: Burb, Danders, Marsh, Pleasant.

The Burbs in The Sims 2 aren't exactly newcomers, and they are also are tied in with a new The Sims 2 family. Learn more about the rich histories of John & Jennifer Burb.

Significant Burbs

John Burb

John Burb made his first appearance in the original The Sims - you might remember him a "Johnny", who lived with his parents Brad and Tiffany Burb, and his pet dog, Tucker in the Unleashed expansion pack. Now all grown up and with a family of his own, John still has a rich heritage to boast of - he is the son of Brad and Tiffany (née Marsh) Burb, the suburbanites of The Sims Unleashed.

Brad Burb is the son of Susan and Bejamin Burb. Tiffany is the daughter of William and Anastasia Marsh; all deceased.

Jennifer Burb

Jennifer isn't just some Townie John picked up off the streets - she has a rich ancestry of her own, and, you might be surprised to learn, it comes from none other than the Pleasant family. Yes, before becoming a Burb, Jennifer was a Pleasant.

Jennifer is the sister of Daniel Pleasant (husband of Mary Sue & father of twins, Angela & Lilith); their parents were Jeff and Diane (née Danders) Pleasant. Jeff was the son of Les and Kynda Pleasant, and Diane was the daughter of Marshall and Melinda Danders.

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