Maxis Family Ancestors

The Goth Family

Surnames associated with the Goths: Bachelor, Crumplebottom, Goth.

The Goth's have been around a very long time - since the original Sims game was issued in 2000. Their family line has grown, and The Sims 2 gives us some a nice look back at what has become the most prominent family in Pleasantview.

Significant Goths

Mortimer Goth

The Goth family originated with Victor and Gretle Goth. The couple had two children: Gunther Goth and Frida Goth. Frida never married, but Gunther (Mortimer's father) went on to marry Cornelia Crumplebottom.

Cornelia (Mortimer's mother), is the daughter of Simon and Prudence Crumplebottom. She also has a sister, Agnes Crumplebottom (aka Mrs. Crumplebottom).

Bella Goth

Bella (née Bachelor) Goth came from a much less prominent family than her husband. She was the daughter of Simis and Jocasta Bachelor. She also had a brother, Michael Bachelor, who married Dina Caliente before dying of - presumably - old age.

Bella disappeared as an Adult, the mother of two children. Rumors were that she was having an affair with Don Lothario (her daughter's fiancé), and that he and longtime girlfriend, Dina Caliente, (also Bella's sister-in-law) plotted to do away with her so that Dina would have a chance at seducing Mortimer (and accquiring his fortune). Some, however, simply believe that Bella was abducted by aliens and never returned.

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