Maxis Family Ancestors

The Pleasant & Oldie Families

Surnames associated with the Pleasants & Oldies: Danders, Oldie, Pleasant, Ruggbyrne.

These two families, who are joined by marriage, are intermingled enough to combine their ancestries into one.

Significant Pleasants & Oldies

Herb Oldie

Herb Oldie is the son of Myron and Irma Oldie. He married Coral Ruggbyrne; the couple are an elderly playable couple in the Pleasantview Sim bin when you start the game. Coral and Herb adopted a daughter, Mary Sue - who married Daniel Pleasant.

Coral Oldie

Coral (née Ruggbyrne) Oldie married Herb Oldie and is the adoptive mother of Mary Sue (née Oldie) Pleasant. She is the only child of Bruno and Mamie Ruggbyrne.

Daniel Pleasant

Daniel Pleasant is the son of Jeff and Diane (née Danders) Pleasant. He also has a sister, Jennifer, who is married to John Burb. He married Mary Sue Oldie, and they have twin daughters, Angela and Lilith.

Jeff (Daniel and Jennifer's father) is the son of Les and Kynda Pleasant.

Diane (Daniel and Jennifer's mother) is the daughter of Marshall and Melinda Danders.

Mary Sue Pleasant

Mary Sue Pleasant is the adopted daughter of Herb and Coral (née Ruggbyrne) Oldie. She married Daniel Pleasant and the two have twin daughters, Angela and Lilith.

Profiles & Outlines

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