Maxis Family Ancestors

The Smith Family

Surnames associated with the Smiths: Birth Queen, Colony Drone, Curious, Smith.

Pollination Technician #9 Smith, The Sims 2 main resident alien, is married to Jenny Curious and lives a quiet, seemingly normal suburban life. Charting his ancestry can get a little confusing, but here are the facts as we know them.

Significant Smiths

Pollination Technician #9 Smith

P.T. #9, after having a successful pollination career, has moved to Strangetown and married a female Sim - with who he has started a family. Along with his two children with Jenny Curious (Johnny and Jill), P.T. #9 is the pollinator of Lola and Chloe Singles into Jenny's father, Glam Curious.

Jenny Smith

Jenny is the older sister of the Curious brothers, and her family ancestry can be found on the Curious Ancestry page.

Profiles & Outlines

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