St. Baume Parish

by Mrs. Emelie Traver

I have lived in the town of Magda-Crist County, in St. Baume Parish, all of my life. I went to the University here, met and married my husband, and am now raising four children in this lovely town. I love it here, I love the people and the amazing view off of Rex Deus Cliff looking down onto Sion River. I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else in Skasimlaki.

My passion for this area is what drove my love for its history. I have always been interested in the ancestry of age-old St. Baume families and the history of these verdant lands. I even spent many of my teen summers working part-time at the Record Keepers building with Mrs. Tolles. Stepping into this job when she left this world was so very natural to me! My husband and children are very supportive of my obsession with everything local history-related, and my daughter Maddie shares my passion and plans to take over my job someday.

If there is any information - past or present - that you need on St. Baume families, or any of the lands that make up St. Baume Parish, please feel free to contact me anytime at You can also stop by or drop a line to me at the Record Keeping Building at:

St. Baume Parish Record Keepers Office
3421 Fairlane Drive, Ste. C
Magda-Crist County, SL

If you would like to contact the main record-keeping office or get in touch with any other parish record keepers, please visit the Skasimlaki State Records Office page.

Cities & Towns

Magda-Crist County is the parish seat of St. Baume Parish, in the US state of Skasimlaki.

Also included are the the small shopping district, SarRose Village, and the sprawling city of Cathar.

Young adult sims wishing to continue their education may do so at St. John University.


St. Baume Parish currently has a population of 68 Sims.


The area that is now St. Baume parish was first settled by Nikola Erude after his beloved wife, Mara, fell in love with the lush and verdant lands on an air balloon expedition over Skasimlaki.

Thirty years later, the parish is one of the most prominent in Skasimlaki, coming in second only to Pleasantview.

Important Sims

Kiley BaenaMayor Kiley Baena

Tradition has always held that someone of the Erude line holds the position of mayor. The current Magda-Crist County mayor is Kiley Wills Baena. Kiley is the daughter of Mark and Millia Wills of Magda-Crist County.

Mayor Baena has a degree in History and graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. John University. She is married to Cooper Baena and they have one daughter, Rachel.

Cooper is a successful actor who, after leaving the popular daytime soap opera, The Sim and the Sinful, (where another Magda-Crist resident, Kacper Traver, found his fame), went onto star in Broadway plays in the bustling city of Cathar. Cooper is slated to soon begin work on a starring role in the ever-popular production A MidSimmer's Night Dream.

The Baena's daughter, Rachel, maintains a 4.0 GPA at the prestigous Magda-Crist Private All-Girls School, and is involved in a number of after-school activities; most poignantly she is President of the school's Grade School Drama Club.

Kiley comes from a fine tradition of Erudes. Her mother, Millie, is the daughter of the late Marcus and Jenna (neé Sapient) Erude of Magda-Crist County. She has a Bachelor of Art degree from St. John University and is married to another Art major, Mark Wills, who also graduated from St. John University.

Millia and Mark are professional and successful art dealers who live at home with their two youngest daughters and the family Doberman pinscher, Zeus. They are the parents of five beautiful girls: Kiley Baena, Kera Pai, Kayli Day, Kiana Wills, and Krista Wills. They are also the proud grandparents of four lovely grandchildren: Rachel Baena, twin girls Lana and Lola Pai, and Christian Day.

Emelie TraverEmelie Traver, St. Baume Parish Record Keeper

Daughter of Timothy and Portia (neé Feather) Starbyrd, Emelie graduated from St. John University with a degree in Psychology. Always having an interest in genealogy, Emelie applied for the position of St. Baume Parish Record Keeper as soon as the elderly Mrs. Barbara Tolles passed away. Though the job doesn't pay much, Emelie supplements her income by giving Tarot Card readings in her home for Magda-Crist residents.

Emelie is married to Kacper Traver, local star of the widly popular soap opera, The Sim and the Sinful. They have four children: college student Maddie, young mother Joli, teenaged Kaleb and young daughter, Haylee. Emelie is also the grandmother of two beautiful young girls, Yasmin and Sabrina, by her daughter, Joli. The eldest, Maddie, shares her mother's love of history and ancestry, and is pursuing a degree in History with the hope of someday taking over her mother's position.

Because Emelie is the most well-versed person in past and current goings-on in St. Baume Parish, she is also the official spokesperson for the parish and its corresponding towns and cities. There isn't a thing that's happened, or that does happen, in St. Baume without Emelie being aware of it. Some surmise she must use her cards because of her uncanny ability to know everything about everyone. Whatever her secret, Emelie isn't telling.

Heather RubenHeather Ruben, St. Baume Parish Pet Registrar

Born Heather Huffington, and once belonging to the esteemed Tri-Var Sorority of St. John University, Heather gave up a promising life as an independent and successful woman to be wife and mother for the man she loved.

Heather met Martin Ruben in college, and dropped out to wed him after he graduated. Martin is a successful, and well-to-do, natural scientist and the couple are the proud parents of three lovely children, Victor, Ada, and Simone. Heather says she wouldn't change anything about her life or the decisions she has made.

Martin makes enough for the family to be comfortable, and Heather has never had to work outside of raising the three children. The children are now grown; Victor is in college, Ada recently married a local, soon-to-be doctor, and Simone will soon be graduating high school. Heather needed something to do, and she couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than a job that involved animals.

Heather has been the parish's pet registrar for over five years now, and she does a wonderful job. Her impeccable record-keeping skills, along with her natural knack for bonding with St. Baume's furry friends has made her a gem of the parish government. Please be sure to visit the St. Baume Parish Pet Registry site to learn more about Heather and the wonderful animals that call our parish home.

Further Information

All information on this page was compiled and written by St. Baume's official record keeper, Emelie Traver. The article on Emelie was written by the late Steven Mabbs and appeared in the Cathar City Times. No information on this page may be reprinted or republished without the consent of Mrs. Traver and/or Skasimlaki Hosting.

Any queries about St. Baume Parish and its areas, must be forwarded to Mrs. Traver at