Bonnie Lothario
Bonnie Goth

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Pisces

Degree: None

Career: Business Owner

Position: Proprietor of "Bonnie's Flowers"

Lifetime Aspiration: Marry Off 6 Children (Not Met)


Full Name: Bonnie Joyce Goth Lothario

Parents: Cassandra Goth, Remington Harris

Maiden Name: Goth

Siblings: Adrienne Goth, Finley Goth, Nolan Goth, Jonas Goth Twins!, Josette Goth Twins!

Half-Siblings: Bella Goth, Ethan Goth

Spouse(s): Don Jr. Lothario

Children: Dallan Lothario, Blayn Lothario, Kyan Lothario

Life Events of Note


  • First Kiss: Don Jr. Lothario
  • Went Steady With: Don Jr. Lothario
  • Married: Don Jr. Lothario


  • Started flower shop out of home:
    • Bonnie's Flowers
  • Badges:
    • Flower Arranging (Gold)
    • Stocking (Silver)
    • Cash Register (Bronze)


Balin Goth lives, with his wife and children, at ??? in the town of Pleasantview. The home originally belonged to his stepmother, Dina Caliente, and father, Mortimer Goth.

Through The Years

Emma Goth Adrienne Goth Bonnie Goth
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Adult (2)