Cassandra Goth
Cassandra Goth

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Virgo

Degree: None

Career: Science

Position: Theorist

Lifetime Aspiration: Have 3 Children Graduate from College (Not Met)


Parents: Bella Bachelor Goth, Mortimer Goth

Siblings: Alexander Goth

Half-Siblings: Jaren Goth

Spouse(s): Don Lothario, Remington Harris

Children: Bella Goth Mazza , Ethan Goth, Bonnie Goth Lothario, Adrienne Goth, Finley Goth, Nolan Goth, Jonas Goth Twins!, Josette Goth Twins!


Cassandra Goth lives, with her husband and children, at 165 Sim Lane in the town of Pleasantview. The home previously belonged to her parents, Mortimer and Bella Bachelor Goth.

Cassandra Goth was a budding teen, doting on her baby brother and living the rose-colored life of a rich child when her entire world came crashing down around her; her mother disappeared. Cassie felt as if she'd been launched straight into a nightmare. The kids at school bugged her so much - saying that her father had killed her mother, or that she'd run off with an alien from Strangetown. Unable to stand their taunts, her father eventually let her be homeschooled.

It was years later, living at home and taking care of her father and, now, homeschooling her little brother, that the young adult Cassandra met Don Lothario. Cassie had cut her finger while making dinner for her "men", and Mortimer had insisted on taking her to the hospital to get stitches. A young intern named Don stitched her up - and asked her her number. He courted Cassandra with oodles of romance, and she fell head over heels in love - so that when Don proposed to her three months later, she accepted without a second thought.

Meanwhile, her father had been getting close with her uncle's widow. Cassie had never liked Uncle Mike's younger wife. Mother had called her his "trophy wife", but Cassie hadn't known what that meant at the time. "She's only after his money," Bella would tell Cassandra as she did her hair into little pom-poms. "She'll soon learn that Mike's mouth is bigger than his wallet; he'll never have enough in his bank account to keep that viper happy." It all meant nothing to Cassandra at the time, but the words came back to haunt her when she noticed her father and Dina getting close.

All Cassandra wanted was a big, happy family - a family full of love and laughter - all the things she felt she was robbed of when her mother disappeared. She hoped to make that kind of life with Don. It all started off nicely enough; the newly married couple had their first daughter within a year of marriage and named her after her ill-fated grandmother, Bella. Not long after, the couple had their first son and Don had his first nervous breakdown. Cassie started to realize something wasn't right and that Don didn't appear to be the loving father and husband he'd promised he would be.

He seemed to love his children well enough, but Cassie couldn't say that he was very interested in them or their daily goings-on. He seemed to be less interested in her as well. It all made sense when Cassie came home to find Don in the hottub with his old flame, Nina Caliente - sister to her father's now future bride. She found an inner strength she never knew she had, and sent Don from the house - with divorce papers following close on his heels.

She felt she'd never find the love and happiness - and the large family - she so desperately craved. Then, the maid caught her eye. He was so kind to she and little Bella and young Ethan after Don left. He would stay over after cleaning to help her with supper, or even to help the children with their homework and putting them to bed - things Don had never even bothered with. His concern was genuine, and Cassie cried on his shoulder many a night. They became best friends and, then, lovers. He proposed to her on Valentine's Day and they were married on that same day a year later.

After the nightmare of a marriage to Don Lothario, life with Remi is a dream. Cassandra is truly happy for the first time since her mother's disappearance and is working with Remi on building the large family they both want to have.

Life Events of Note


Young and blindly in love, Cassandra married town hottie Don Lothario. Cassie felt overwhelmed that such a cool and handsome guy like Don could love a quiet, bookish girl like her; little did she know that it was her money that attracted him. Don played the role of loving husband for awhile, but kept his "fun" up on the side. At the time Cassie was giving birth to their second child, Don's longtime bed partner, Nina Caliente, was across town popping out Don, Jr. Soon after, Cassie caught Don in the hottub with Nina at the Goth mansion and kicked him to the curb.

A few years later, Cassie fell in love with the mansion's daily maid, Remington Harris - also a family-inclined Sim. The two are ridiculously happy and working on fulfilling their shared dream of having a huge family.

  • First Husband: Don Lothario (Divorced)
    • 2 Children with

  • Second Husband : Remington Harris
    • 3 Children with


  • Cassandra keeps the surname "Goth", no matter who she marries - a clause put into her father's will if she was to keep the mansion.

Through The Years