Remington Harris Goth
Remington Harris

Aspiration: Family

Sign: Cancer

Degree: None

Career: Law Enforcement

Position: Lieutenant

Lifetime Aspiration: Have 3 Children Graduate from College (Not Met)


Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse(s): Cassandra Goth

Children: Bonnie Goth Lothario, Adrienne Goth, Finley Goth, Nolan Goth, Jonas Goth Twins!, Josette Goth Twins!


Life Events of Note


  • Was an NPC maid before marrying Cassandra Goth



Remington always loved stopping by the Goth mansion to clean. Mr. Mortimer always gave him huge tips, but that wasn't the reason. It was Cassandra Goth - she was beautiful, mysterious - a goddess among women. He loved her from afar.

His heart nearly broke when she married that sleaze Don Lothario. He know what a dirty man he was; he cleaned his house, too. And he wasn't just unclean, he was "dirty" in other ways. There were always womens' underwear all over the house, unmentionable "toys" floating in stagnant bath water. Don's bachelor pad was more like a whorehouse, in Remington's mind anyway. How could Cassandra marry such filth? But she was innocent and saw the best in everyone, and Don played a part with her - a fake part, to be sure, but a part all the same and the lovely, innocent Cassie fell for it.

Remington waited. Mr. Mortimer moved out, and left the house to Cassie - and they kept him on as maid. Cassie liked him, they always chatted as friends. When Don's true ways finally came out, Remington thought he would be happy. When Cassie kicked Don out of the house, he thought he would be overjoyed. But he wasn't - because Cassie was truly heart-broken. She really had loved the louse, and Remington felt horrible - as if his thoughts of wanting Don gone had somehow made it happen. He tried to be there for her, and the kids - such lovely kids they were. After cleaning, he'd offer to stay and cook and help out. At first, she refused, but then she started to let him help.

She was truly grateful, and soon began confiding in Remington, and even letting him hold her while she cried. He loved helping her, loved being in the house with her and the kids; it was as he'd always dreamed. Then, after one long night of talking and Cassie crying, he kissed her. He felt bad as soon as he did it, but she was so lovely. Then, an amazing thing happened, Cassie pulled him towards her and kissed him back! And that was that. They've been madly in love and inseparable ever since.

Remington wakes up some days and is still amazed that he has such a beautiful, amazing wife, two loving, smart step-children, and three beautiful, perfect children of his own. Life just can't get any better.